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Artbeat Watercolor

Easy to find. Easy to share.

Imagine a place where you can explore art, without having to sign up for a series of classes or invest in materials that look fascinating, but that you may not use again.

What if you could go to that place any time you want to, and find it filled with colorful, fun supplies – paints, papers, beads, tiles – and someone would show you how to use them?

What if you could sit down for an hour and just play? And then, if you wanted to, you could purchase materials to continue your creative adventures at home?

This was our vision more than a decade ago, and today that vision is stronger than ever. Our store and studio in Arlington, Massachusetts, serves families and friends in the Boston metropolitan area, including an ART PARTY service that extends to  surrounding communities.

The Joy of Creative Dabbling

People often ask, “Are you an artist? Many of us are artists in the traditional sense of the word: painters, writers, illustrators, jewelry makers. But when we’re at ARTBEAT we’re proud to say we’re creative dabblers.


We find inspiration by getting our hands on anything and turning it into something. We find fun in knowing that there are infinite possibilities, and that given the same materials, each of us will create something different.

We’re proud to know that the materials in our studio are the best that can be found, and we find joy in showing how they can be used to their best advantage in a conscious way.

We love coming up with new ideas for beautiful gifts that people can make to delight their friends.

We love creating choices for the people, big and small, who come to play or to look for great gifts for their friends.

We’re thrilled that our store is filled with creativity boosters for all ages so that it’s easy to find great gifts for everyone.

We invite you to visit Artbeat and discover how easy it is to add expression to your life.

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