Give the Gift of Creativity

Creativity takes many forms, and trying new things is an important way to get in touch with what creativity means to each of us. Artbeat is all about finding what gets your own creative juices flowing – and having fun along the way. The best gifts not only delight at first sight, they also offers an opportunity to explore, to make, to create – with the end result something to keep and enjoy or give to another – a full circle of gifting.

Our creativity-boosting gifts will delight art enthusiasts as well as the inner artists lurking inside your friends, family, and co-workers.

Artful Play and Brain Games

budha boardThese gifts will amuse and delight all ages: colorful playful art sculptures that change form in your hands; fine art jigsaw puzzles that offer intriguing insight into familiar images; and the Buddha Board, that teaches the fine art of letting go (the Water Wizard version is for kids). Change your brain with games like Disruptus that challenges the way you look at everyday objects, Spectrix, a familiar card game that uses colors instead of numbers, and Squigz, a suction/construction game that builds with different shapes.

Art and Craft Making

Inspire a latent or budding artist with a beautiful set of watercolors, sumi-e kitsketching pencils with a travel notebook, or acrylic paints with pre-primed canvases. Inspire the writer and book lover with a hand-sewn journal and a book on the writing craft. Introduce someone to Japanese paper arts: Origami, Kirigami, and Suminagashi, a way to create marbled designs on paper or fabric by floating inks on water. Any paper lover will be inspired by our gorgeous French tissue paper, based on textile patterns, and able to transform any object into an objet d’art. The practice of Zentangle offers a way to de-stress while creating complex patterns from simple forms. Intricate designs from India can be learned with the art of Henna body painting. The art of needle-felting is made easy with our felted gnome and felted animal kits.