Art Parties for Ages 8 and Up

Inspired Celebrations for Children

art Birthday party InvitationAre you looking for a different way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Imagine a group of friends working happily together on an art project while you relax. That’s the ARTBEAT classic party: all of the hands-on fun you can imagine, with no work or worries for you.

Perfect for 10 – 16 friends; a mini party for up to 6 friends is also available.

Once your child chooses their art project, they take home a stack of colorful invitations to fill out and mail. On party day, you arrive to find everything set up in your own private space.

An experienced instructor greets the children and guides them in their art making for about an hour. When their projects are finished, we clear the tables so you can serve refreshments (we provide paper goods and water bottles), open gifts, and whatever else you want to do in the remaining time. Each child leaves with a fun and inspiring handmade gift, a colorful party bag with a take-home craft project as a party favor, and a festive balloon.

Please call 781-646-2200 for pricing information or to reserve a party date!

Great Party Project choices for ages 8 and up:

Cupcake Art Birthday Party

cupcake birthday partyWhat’s a birthday party without cupcakes? With this fun project, you and your friends will transform a plain papier mache cupcake box into a yummy-looking keepsake to treasure.

You get to mix color into “frosting” (our eco-friendly artist spackle), spread the frosting on the cupcake top, and adorn it with sparkly sprinkles and a shimmering cherry on top. Then decorate the bottom part with colorful markers and designs of your choice. You’ll go home with a cupcake box that looks good enough to eat, and have fun, too!

Ages 8+

Mini Masterpiece Art Birthday Party

miniartAre you a modern-day Van Gogh or Michelangelo? Create a painting on a miniature (3” x 3 ”) canvas that you can place on a tiny easel.Learn about the color wheel and mix your own hues on an artist’s palette for an unforgettable artist’s date for you and your friends.

Suitable for Ages 8 and up

Alphabet Accents Art Birthday Party

decolettersThese sturdy initials, 5″ high, will tell a story – a sunny picture you paint with acrylics, or a patchwork of patterned papers you brush on with a glue/glaze. The result: an illustrated monogram to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf.

Suitable for Ages 8 and up

Applique Candle Art Birthday Party

candlemain1This candle becomes a world of butterflies, a sky of stars, or anything you can imagine. You’ll cut thin pieces of beeswax into shapes using special punches and scissors, then apply them to a pillar or ball-shaped candle. Learn how to turn geometric shapes into animals and layered designs, and try the technique that creates sky, clouds, and ocean – all in wax!

Suitable for Ages 8 and up

Decopatch Animals Art Birthday Party

PatchKidsChoose your favorite animal from a menagerie of wildlife: elephants, giraffes, zebras, turtles, dolphins, and more. Then find just the right bits of patterned papers to turn them into magical objets d’art. This project, which always has beautiful results, is best for those who love little details and don’t mind sticky fingers.

Suitable for Ages 8 and up

Peace Lantern Art Birthday Party

lanterngirlCreate a starry night or a field of flowers on an 8″ paper lantern.This battery-operated lantern starts out as a plain white globe. You paint your own pattern of bright tissue paper shapes on it with a glue that becomes completely invisible when dry. A perfect night light or soft illumination in your room.

Suitable for Ages 8 and up

Felt Pillow Art Birthday Party

SweetheartPillow2Choose colored felt in a heart shape or square.  Design a wild animal motif, an outer space theme, or a garden on both sides of the pillow.  Fill with soft eco-friendly fluff and lace with beautiful ribbon for a finishing touch.

Suitable for Ages 8 and up