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From Awesome to Zippity – A New Summer Game

The construction in Capitol Square (widening sidewalks, repairing the roadway) is moving along quickly! To say that businesses are OPEN during construction is an understatement.. As you can see from this sign, there’s an entire alphabet of words that describe Capitol Square under construction, from Awesome to Zippity. The signs are posted along Mass Ave… Read more »

How Do You Cultivate Creativity?

How Do You Cultivate Creativity?

Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits. – Twyla Tharp Before the Big Melt, while our window boxes were still filled with frozen sludge. I called my friend, Meg Taylor, of Anderson’s Florist, to schedule a Spring pick-me-up. As a florist, Meg has a job that is not only… Read more »

Hunker Down! Creative Activities for a Snowy Day


Lots of snow can mean lots of time indoors. Here are some low-techalternatives to TV, movies, and video games that will have you and your snow angels glad to be snuggling inside. Because we’ll be closed tomorrow, if there is anything you need to help pass the time at home, give us a call at… Read more »

Finding Gifts for Children with Special Needs

Thinking Putty

Children with special needs don’t always respond to gifts – or to holiday festivities –  in the ways we might expect them to. Ellen Metrick of the National Lekotek Center shares tips on helping the holidays run smoothly in her article Holiday Do’s and Don’ts for Children on the Autism Spectrum. And finding the right gift for… Read more »


One of the best activities for boys and girls in 2013! Do you know a kid who’s a looper? Thousands of kids are doing it. It’s driving some parents crazy. Store owners are having a hard time keeping supplies in stock. But there’s more to this craze than meets the eye!7 top reasons to encourage… Read more »