Choosing the Right Face and Skin Paint

Whether your skin is baby soft or as hard as nails, there’s a face paint that’s perfect for you.

lyra aquacolor crayonsWhen you need a gentle face paint, something safe enough for babies and certain not to itch, choose our Lyra Aquacolor Crayons. These easy-to-use, richly-pigmented crayons are water-soluble. You can wet them and draw directly on the skin, or use them as paint sticks, taking color from them with a wet brush. They rinse off easily with just water. These same Aquacolor Crayons are a favorite art material that can be used throughout the year, making them a great value.

For a stronger opaque paint, choose our tube or pan face paints. Apply them with a damp brush or sponge for a vibrant color that will wash off with soap and water.

klutz facepaintbooks The most durable face paints are our Klutz Body crayons (also made by Lyra). They’re cosmetic grade and are applied directly to the skin without water. They are oil-based and need to be removed with cold cream or another cosmetic remover. All have been tested for skin safety.

For adults and older kids, our safe henna kits, which include beautiful pattern stencils, will give you brown or black tattoos that last up to three weeks.

Henna kitYou can create great body art even when you don’t feel artistic! Our wide assortment of temporary tattoo

klutz body paint

klutz offers lots of skin decorating fun. Our Klutz face and body painting books show you how to color everything from full-faces to kneecaps. But it’s OK to keep it simple: sometimes a single design -like a star on a cheek – is all that’s needed to bring a costume together.

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