Follow That Fox! An Art and Discovery Adventure in East Arlington

School’s out, and kids who have time on their hands now have a fun new way to explore Arlington. Follow That Fox! is an art and discovery adventure that will have kids learning about their community as they find 15 wily foxes who ask questions that require powers of observation and thinking.

The game is sponsored by Artbeat Creativity Store and Studio as part of its 20th birthday celebration. Anyone ages four through adult can join in exploring the mile-long trek along Mass Ave in East Arlington from the Cambridge line to Spy Pond. Pick up an entry form at Artbeat and then look for signs with foxes of different colors who ask questions about history, word definitions, and wildlife. Write the answers on the form and turn it in to Artbeat to be entered into monthly drawings for free toys, art projects and more. The adventure lasts all summer, and it can be done any time from now through August 25.

“The Fox has become a symbol of East Arlington,” said Jan Whitted, Artbeat’s owner, who started the shop 20 years ago as a way to make art experiences easy and accessible to all. “The fox is adaptable, resourceful, and family-oriented, and it’s the perfect image to help us celebrate our longevity in the town. This adventure is designed to get kids moving outside and having fun while learning. It’s free and open to all, and there are some great prizes to be won.”

One prize is free ice cream, which will be given to anyone who completes the adventure and can sing at least two verses of the song “What Does The Fox Say?” Other prizes will be given in monthly drawings from all entries received, and entrants can earn more chances to win by dancing, skipping, and picking up trash along Mass Ave.

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