From Awesome to Zippity – A New Summer Game

The construction in Capitol Square (widening sidewalks, repairing the roadway) is moving along quickly!

To say that businesses are OPEN during construction is an understatement.. As you can see from this sign, there’s an entire alphabet of words that describe Capitol Square under construction, from Awesome to Zippity. The signs are posted along Mass Ave and on Lake Street.

Here’s a fun family game you can play when you are visiting Artbeat and other Cap Sq businesses:
• See if you can find signs for all the letters of the alphabet. Do you know what all the words mean?
• If any letters are missing, what do you think the missing words would be?
• Are there any words you’ve never seen before?
• Are there any words you think are made up?
• Which word is misspelled? If the word were really spelled this way, what would it mean?
• Are there other words you would choose to describe Capitol Square?

We’d love to hear your answers. Please email us or post to Capitol Square’s Facebook page.
[For those of you who are construction buffs, I have been videotaping each step of the process and will post it when done.]

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