Hunker Down! Creative Activities for a Snowy Day

Lots of snow can mean lots of time indoors. Here are some low-techalternatives to TV, movies, and video games that will have you and your snow angels glad to be snuggling inside.
Because we’ll be closed tomorrow, if there is anything you need to help pass the time at home, give us a call at 781-646-2200. We’ll be glad to set things aside for you to pick up later today (by 5 PM when the parking ban goes into effect).


Rearrange the furniture, and notice any furnishings that seem like they need a facelift. Then get busy making something old seem new again: paint a chair (our low-VOC metallic paints and multi-surface satins are ideal); decoupage an old frame in a pattern to match a favorite photo (choose from over 40 design of our French decoupage papers), or mosaic a table using found objects like old game pieces, and odds and ends from the tchotchke drawer (use our Weldbond glue to make sure things hold).Keep In Touch!
Use the time to catch up on those holiday thank yous or just let friends know you’re think about them (try our Chinese brush pens for a fun new way to write and draw). Get started on Valentine making with our fun kits and supplies. Practice your Zentangle on blank notecards that you can send later.

Make New Art!
Rediscover the fun of coloring (try our Art Therapy, botanicals, and mid-century modern pattern books). Sketch! Have everyone sketch each other in a round-robin, but don’t show each other your sketches until after they are all done. Scramble them face down, and then guess the artist.

Get Puzzling!
Tackle a 3-D puzzle of New York City or recreate a famous painting of 1,000 pieces. Even if you’ve made your puzzles before, each time poses a new challenge.

Bring out the dice and board games (for something new, become a rug dealer in our game of Marrakech ). Build together with Squigz,suction construction.

Grab a handful of pipe cleaners and see how many different animals (or foods or crowns or jewelry items) you can make in 7 minutes.

Enjoy Your Time at Home, and Stay Safe!

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