Kid Classes

Art Classes inspired by the artist of the week will be held every Thursday from 4:30 to 6 PM. These classes are recommended for ages 8 and older; teens and adults are welcome. Reserve seats in advance by calling 781-646-2200. Each class is $25 for a reserved seat; sign up for all 10 sessions for a discounted price of $200 here. Walk-Ins will be accepted as space permits and cost $30.

Art Class – The Form of a Flower
Thursday, June 28, 4:30 -6PM

We’ll start by observing several of Georgia O’Keeffe’s abstract, close-up flower paintings. You’ll choose a flower to focus on and use a viewfinder to zoom in on a detail that catches your eye. Work out your color palette, sketch lightly on canvas, and then fill in the flower with rich layers of blended color.

Art Class – Up Close and Personal
Thursday, July 5, 4:30 -6PM

We’ll examine the photorealistic art of Chuck Close. Bring your own photograph (a picture of you or a favorite person, pet, or object), and learn the grid technique Close used so that you can create your portrait in larger scale on canvas.

Art Class – Playing with Shapes
Thursday, July 12, 4:30 -6PM

We will observe Elizabeth Murray’s abstract shaped paintings and then watch a short video of her creative process. From our supply of abstract-shaped chip boards, you’ll choose four or five shapes that look interesting and rearrange them until you find a composition you like. Attach the shapes onto a blank canvas and paint with blended colors, highlights and shadows.

Art Class –  Dot Dot Dot
Thursday, July 19, 4:30 -6PM

Explore Yayoi Kusama’s exuberant polka-dot painting and installations, and then create your own stunning, detailed polka-dot painting using dot making tools and acrylic paint on black canvas.


Art Class – Simply Bold
Thursday, July 26, 4:30 -6PM

We’ll start by looking at some of Alex Katz’ landscape paintings and observe his use of minimalistic flat shapes and bold colors. Then you’ll trace over a photo (your own or one of ours) to outline simplified shapes to transfer onto canvas. Working with a limited color palette, you’ll fill the shapes to create your own minimalist painting.

Art Class –  Animalitos
Thursday, August 2, 4:30 -6PM

Together, we will look at Frida Kahlo’s portraits and observe the natural elements – native Mexican plants and animals that she used as symbolism. Then we’ll review different native plants and animals in the U.S. and their symbolism so that you can create a self-portrait on canvas that includes the symbolic plants and animals that compliment your personality.

Art Class – Signs By Hand
Thursday, August 9, 4:30 -6PM

We’ll start by observing Margaret Kilgallen’s murals and her use of vintage lettering (inspired by old hand-painted signs) and simplified images of people, objects, animals, and plants. Then you’ll choose your own subject matter and use rubber stamps and vintage letters to create mixed-media art on a wooden cigar box.

Art Class – Sound and Color
Thursday, August 16, 4:30 -6PM

We’ll observe Kandinsky’s abstract paintings and learn about his ideas about color theory and how certain colors, shapes and lines correspond to sounds and emotions. Then, while listening to a piece of music, you will sketch shapes, lines, and colors inspired by the music. Using your sketch for reference you’ll paint the music on canvas.


Art Class – Love Is Hard Work
Thursday, August 23, 4:30 -6PM

Corita Kent’s pop-art style mixed text and images to convey simple messages about love and tolerance. Create your own message by using text and texture through gelli plate printing. You’ll make prints of letters and objects that can be layered and arranged to convey your own feelings about the world.

Art Class – Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All
Thursday, August 30, 4:30 -6PM

As a group, we’ll learn a short biography of Basquiat and then observe his artwork. We will focus specifically on his use of symbolism, text, and historical references (Da Vinci, Picasso, Hieroglyphics, Etc.)

You’ll choose a prompt question to brainstorm symbols that represent your life, as well as a few important words to use as text. Using Basquiat’s loose abstract expressionist style, you’ll then create your own art with vibrant oil pastels on black canvas.