One of the best activities for boys and girls in 2013!
Rubber Band Bracelets
Do you know a kid who’s a looper?
Thousands of kids are doing it. It’s driving some parents crazy.
Store owners are having a hard time keeping supplies in stock.
But there’s more to this craze than meets the eye!7 top reasons to encourage loop band weaving:
1. Gender-neutral. Both boys and girls are doing it, and both reap the practical benefits:2. Improves hand/eye coordination. Counting. Stretching. Lifting. Looping. All while following patterns. 3. No tools required. Kids can start weaving on their fingers and then progress to simple loom weaving. 4. Relieves the fidgets and encourages concentrationFingers are kept busy so brains can relax. 5. Continual learning.Following directions. Recognizing patterns and spatial relationships. Left/right brain integration. 6. Builds Self-Confidence. Success at following a pattern leads to greater interest in learning. 7. Social Value. Kids share patterns they’ve learned, in person and online. They trade their finished creations with each other.
BONUS: Unlimited Creativity! At Artbeat you’ll find loops in every color of the rainbow (and some that change color!), including metallic, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark. Patterns range from simple to complex. Kids make their own patterns or learn from books, like the brand new guide pictured below. LoomBandAsstHow to move from this craze to other levels of learning?Simple Sewing: weave ribbon in and out of pre-punched holes in these personalized pillows, a project available in the Artbeat Studio.
Potholder Weaving:  A great way for boys and girls to make useful gifts for favorite aunties! Our 2 different sizes of looms will make 5″ or 8″, 100% cotton potholders. Free Pattern Guide for 10 different patterns with purchase either of the looms.


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