Special Events

WEEK 1: June 25-July 1
Georgia O’Keeffe
Featured Project: Landscape Collage

With Georgia O’Keeffe’s abstract landscape paintings as inspiration, create your own landscape collage with torn paper on a sturdy mat board, for a work of art that can be hung on your wall. $15pp

WEEK 2: July 2-8
Chuck Close
Featured Project: Mosaic Portrait

Make a photomosaic in the style of artist Chuck Close. Bring a 5 x 7 color photocopy of yourself or a loved one, or choose from one of our celebrity portrait photographs. We’ll show you how to use clear glass tiles and glass paint to turn your photo into a mosaic. $15pp

WEEK 3: July 9-15
Elizabeth Murray
Featured Project: Abstract Sand Art

Using Elizabeth Murray’s abstract shape paintings as inspiration, we’ll make textured abstract art with sand. You’ll choose and cut odd shapes for the sand, and then arrange them on heavy white paper to make a large abstract image to finish with colored pencil and colored sand. $15pp

WEEK 4: July 16-22
Yayoi Kusama
Featured Project: Polka Dot Lantern

Decorate a paper lantern inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama’s polka dot room installations. Paper circles of different sizes and colors will turn this a battery operated lantern into a bright and colorful decoration for your home. $20pp

WEEK 5: July 23-29
Alex Katz
Featured Project Shaped Paintings

Using Alex Katz’s minimalist paintings as inspiration, create your own chipboard cut-out painting, then painting them with bold colors for a wall hanging or desktop sculpture. $15pp


WEEK 6: July 30-August 5
Frida Kahlo
Featured Project – Self Portrait with Pet

In the book Artists and Their Pets, you can read about Frida Kahlo’s love of animals and the many “animalitos” she kept and included in her self-portraits – three spider monkeys, several Mexican hairless dogs, parrots, parakeets, macaws, chickens, sparrows, an eagle, and a fawn. Using Frida’s brilliantly colorful self-portraits as inspiration, paint your own self-portrait with one of your pets or favorite animals on canvas. $20pp

WEEK 7: August 6-12
Margaret Kilgallen
Featured Project Vintage Letters

Margaret Kilgallen’s hand-painted murals incorporate a mix of folk art images and typography from vintage hand-painted signs. Using Kilgallen’s work as inspiration, create your own hand-painted sign with pre-cut vintage letters. $15pp


WEEK 8: August 13-19
Wassily Kandinsky
Featured Project Mixed Media Collage

Kandinsky used abstract shapes to paint the sounds he heard. You can create the effect of movement and space in a mixed-media collage by using watercolor, geometric and organic shapes, and marker. This will be a fun art exploration, and you’ll end up with a work of art to hang on your wall. $15pp


WEEK 9: August 20-26
Corita Kent
Featured Project Rainbow Art

Corita Kent, known as “The Pop Art Nun” painted the rainbow swash on a gas tank off route 93. Some people see hidden faces in the design. See what you can do with a rainbow when you paint your swashes of color on a favorite box or canvas. $15pp plus surface

WEEK 10: August 27 – September 2
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Featured Project: Oil and Water

Basquiat was a graffiti artist whose bold scribbles and images explored social issues like poverty and segregation. Using printouts of poems, symbolic images, and textbook pages for inspiration, you’ll create a dramatic painting with oil pastels and watercolor. $15pp