Decoupage at Artbeat

catdecopatch1Decoupage is so easy we call it Painting with Paper. We offer it four ways, each using different materials with similar techniques:

  • Decopatch for adults, teens and older children.
  • Batik Paper decoupage
  • Fabric decoupage
  • Stained Glass Tissue for the young child




Decopatch is perfect for the adult, teen or older child who will enjoy the careful process of tearing paper and gluing it piece by piece onto a bowl or picture frame or playful mache animal. The basic technique is easy, and we can show you tricks and techniques for special effects that will inspire you to new heights!

When you want something wildly different, decoupage with handmade Batik Papers. These papers are saturated with lush dyes, their bold designs created with a wax resist. We show you the best techniques for separating images and adhering to boxes, frames, and book covers.

ribbonbowl1Our Ribbon Bowl project uses rich, multicolored batik ribbons to create interesting patterns on bowls that can be used at home for holding barrettes or serving snacks.

batikbook1For the young child we recommend our Stained Glass Tissue decoupage. Applied with a sponge brush and glue/glaze, this easier form of decoupage uses pieces and shapes of bright fade-resistant paper in ten different colors to create brilliant designs on boxes and clear bowls.

 Decopatch makes everything beautiful!

gorginia_l_white1Talk about makeovers! You should have seen my “before” picture ­ I was this plain brown giraffe, and even being 5 feet tall did’¹t make me stand out. Then I discovered Decopatch at Artbeat. It was the biggest surprise! Using only paper and glue, the folks at Artbeat helped me transform into the fashionista I am today.

Come see me up close! I liked Artbeat so much I live there now.