Painting & Mosaics


IMG_39621Experience color. Find it in liquid paint that you can brush onto a frame, box, or animal. Explore it in tubes of pigment you can layer on canvas. Be inspired by the colors that surround you in our studio.

Be inspired by the colors that surround you in our studio.

When you paint you allow yourself to choose only what you like, without regard to how something “should” be. We guide you in choosing the right brush to use and the best way to use the paints. Then play!

When you have a particular outcome in mind ­ say, there’s a picture you want to paint, or something you’ve seen that you want to copy (yes, it’s OK to copy – that’s one of the ways most artists learn!) we’ll help you figure out the best way to succeed.

Mosaic Studio

mosaic art for kidsOur Mosaic Studio makes it easy for you to learn and explore the fascinating art of mosaics. We’ll show you design basics, help you create your design with tesserae, and teach you all the techniques you need to know to complete your mosaic.

mosaic_trivet1Your project can made simple or complicated, traditional or wild, depending on what you like. And it’s a pastime that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age.

Our selection of tesserae includes over 100 different glass, porcelain, and polished gem tiles. Most materials Mosaic Grouterhave been nipped into odd shapes and tumbled to smooth the edges. Just choose the pieces you want, arrange them on the surface you’ve chosen, and glue them in place. Choose from dozens of surfaces including wall plaques, mirrors, frames, and small tables.

girle_mosaics1You’ll have three choices for finishing your project with grout: take it home with our complete instructions, attend one of our grouting sessions, or have us grout it for you.

If you want or need to cut your own tiles for your project, we’ll show you how in our evening Art Cafe, where we also offer nippers and safety goggles for purchase.

Mosaic-Family1-300x225To help children get more inspired by this creative art form, we’ve created inexpensive alternatives to using the glass and ceramic tiles. Our paper mosaics have the look of broken china, and our acrylic pieces are an appealing substitute for the ‘real thing’