Candle Making at Artbeat

newcandle21Although we have lots of candle making supplies for you to try at home or in our  workshops, the studio project on our daily menu is appliqué candles. Choose pillar candles, ball candles, or even egg candles ­ these high quality candles from Germany offer a great sticking surface. You’ll have your own platter of rainbow colors to use, and access to pattern cutters including stars, hearts, leaves, flowers, circles, squares, and triangles. We’ll show you techniques for layering and blending that you can use to create your own special effects.


If you want to roll Honeycomb Beeswax candles, watch for our seasonal workshops, or take home a selection of pure beeswax sheets and roll candles at home with our instructions.

Minding Our Beeswax

CandleColors2Our beeswax is the real thing, pure and simple.

Honeycomb beeswax sheets have the natural cell pattern found in beehives, along with an unmistakable honey aroma that surrounds you when you work with them. Natural dyes have been added to create beautiful, lasting color. The sheets can be rolled into candles of any size.

stockmar18folien1Stockmar decorating beeswax is smooth and so thin it can be cut with scissors or clay punches. The wax sheets are made of a pliable, easy to knead mixture of wax that has been dyed with color-fast pigments.

It can be applied not only to candles but also to other surfaces, such as tins, boxes, and jars.