Fabric Crafts

Doll Making at Artbeat

girlsdoll1There’s a certain magic in making your own doll. It becomes a special companion and a memorable keepsake. Children can make their own soft playmates in our Studio without having to push in stuffing or sew up seams.Choose from an assortment of cotton doll bodies in various shapes and colors, then decide what kind of character it will be.Draw faces and shoes – and even bellybuttons – with special markers, using our guidelines and your imagination. Then create an outfit out of colored felt – a poncho, dress, jacket, or skirt and shirt. Add pockets, tiaras, necklaces, and eye patches.Take your new friend home with you the very same day.

Children of the world dolls

childrenofworldheader1Children come in all colors, and so do our cotton dolls. Every year on Martin Luther King day we hold a very special event in our studio. Kids can choose a 7” stuffed doll body and create a character (person or animal) complete with face, fingernails, and clothes that you have designed.

Decorate Pillows and Bags

FeltHeartBag2These projects are all about soft textures, brilliant colors, and fun patterns. Our felt is a warm wool/rayon blend, and our fabric pieces are cut from cotton batiks.Create a felt pillow – heart-shaped or square – and design it to match a room or a mood. Your pillow can feature a favorite image, such as a bird, robot, elephant, flower, or snowflake. After you design both sides of the pillow, lace them together with colorful woven ribbons and stuff with eco-friendly fluff. This is an excellent project for beginning sewers, and a charming project for the more experienced.Our sturdy canvas tote is the perfect size to take to the farmer’s market, to the library, or to the beach. Made in the USA of natural cotton duck and sporting comfortable woven straps, this bag will be a coveted gift or a welcome addition to your own collection of reusable bags. Personalize it with our textile paints, or create a garden of fabric flowers, adding buttons and jewels, and then sewing on an,eye-catching perfect posie.