Sand Art in the Creative Adventures® Studio

Sand Art – Inspired.

rainbow sand artSure, layering colored sand in a bottle is fun, but imagine painting with sand and learning how to make pictures that include exploding volcanoes, serene sunsets, stages and spotlights, and ocean waves. Our sturdy sand art canvases become works of art that can be framed, or turned into greeting cards to give to teachers and grandparents. You can even make sand art Thank You notes, and have artistic fun while practicing good manners.

About our Sand

sand art containersOur colored sand is quarried right here in the North America. It is guaranteed safe and non-toxic, the colors are brilliant and won’t run, and you’ll even see a little natural sparkle from the silica in the sand.

Why do we like sand art so much?

  • It’s easy to use by everyone from toddlers to seniors.
  • It’s endlessly creative, and can be used in many art forms.
  • It’s soothing to the touch, and provides tactical learning at your fingertips.
  • It’s clean. Simply sweep or vacuum up any spills.
  • It’s fun! Give it a try.

Check out the gallery of artists at Artbeat creating sand art below…